MBTA Plot: Less waiting out in the cold


Choose a location by zooming or with the text box:
Add routes by selecting them from the ones that are in the chosen area.
Click on stops to see when buses and trains are expected to arrive:
Hover over them to see where they're going.
Click on them to see how long before they arrive at stops:
Little blue tails indicate the difference between the last reported position of the bus and out current best estimate:
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About MBTA Route Plotter

Created by Jeff Kaufman
Developer's notes at mbtaplot notes
Source code at github: mbtaplot sources

How it Works

The MBTA makes real time bus information available through NextBus. They make subway predictions available through the massDOT developer's page. From this we can get information about where each vehicle was reported last and where it's predicted to be next. This information is sent to your web browser, which draws the bus or train moving between the stops using linear interpolation. If you have any issues using this site or have questions, send me an email at jeff at alum dot swarthmore dot edu or put in an issue on the bug tracker.